Have Delicious Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Online

Butter chicken is one of the authentic delicacies of Punjab which is prepared with utmost care and expertise to produce the best boneless chunks of chicken in a tandoor style and dipped in a curry sauce that’s mildly spiced.

Butter chicken is one of the most popular dishes served in 2 Fat Indians and the authentic Indian dish surely makes a place in your heart! Come on weekdays or on weekends, the taste that you will take with you will linger enough for you to come back again.

Prepared with expert hands and with most healthy ingredients, your Butter Chicken platter will be a mix of the best spices in a gentle combination which will give you tender boneless chicken pieces with an unforgettable taste. The mild curry sauce mainly consisting of butter will just make the soft succulent chicken melt in your mouth!

Garnished with the choicest herbs, cream and butter Butter Chicken can be relished with a choice of bread ranging from butter dipped naan to tandoori roti or piping hot basmati rice.

Butter Chicken is a very popular Indian recipe loved all over the sub-continent. The reason why the chicken is so soft and gentle is because of the way it is marinated with yogurt, a mix of spices and cream for few hours.

It takes years of experience and skill to prepare Butter Chicken Nearby in the most authentic manner by preserving its right taste and tenderness. The team of expert chefs at 2 Fat Indians makes the best Butter Chicken you can find anywhere around or even far. That’s why we always have a busy schedule catering to the desires of happy customers who keep coming back to savor the awesome taste.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is one of the most favorite snacks which can be enjoyed with some drinks over chit-chat with friends, colleagues or family. It is prepared almost in a similar way like a tandoori chicken with the exception of being boneless. Chicken tikka is spicy yet gentle for your stomach as it is prepared with a careful selection of ingredients for the right kind of marinating. It is loved all over the Indian sub-continent and is prepared at home and outside.

Pre-dominantly a Punjabi recipe, Chicken Tikka is prepared by grilling on skewers and the occasional application of ghee (clarified butter) to make it soft and juicy. Already marinated in yogurt and spices the chicken pieces become soft and succulent ready to be relished in between any kind of drink.

We serve Chicken Tikka Nearby with most authentic taste with a choice of chutneys to make your experience everlasting. Chicken Tikka is one of the most popular delicacies served at 2 Fat Indians and prepared by chefs who have excelled over the years with knowledge and experience. Our recipes are a class apart as years of know-how and research go into preparing the best cuisines which are a combination of taste and healthy ingredients. Chicken Tikka can be enjoyed by all age groups as its spicy yet gentle and can be savored with a wide range of foods and drinks.