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Two Fat Indians brings the real taste of Indian foods right here in Cottesloe, Australia. We’re a high-end restaurant promising a great dining-and-drinking experience in a cool and calm settings. We offer a big selection of Indian foods in veg and non-veg categories to cater the discerning tastes of our guests. We’re perhaps the only restaurant in the region that serves the authentic Indian foods in an atmosphere laced with the art and culture of the great land itself. Our dishes are enriched with aromatic flavors and fragrant spices to taste as much Indian as it should be.

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We, at Two Fat Indians, are a restaurant perfect for all your occasions, whether a casual dining or a romantic night-out dinner with your beloved ones. Right from the foods to ambiance, we strive to get everything perfect so that the guests can experience the real joy of Indian dishes at us. Plus, we also cater to events of any scale, be it weddings or birthdays or corporate parties. You can call us, book us and add the magic of Indian dishes to your occasions.We are a well-known Indian Restaurants Cottesloe and we look forward to catering and delighting more guests.

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Two Fat Indians strives to be the best restaurant for Indian food Cottesloe. We are committed to offering a great dining experience to those looking for authentic and real foods of India. At us, you will experience a new dimension of dining as we combine together the art, culture and culinary richness of India. We have a vast selection of veg and non-veg dishes to cater your tastes and sensibility with ease. We serve hot foods rich with fragrance and spices from India. We’re a top restaurant and now a first-choice place for families, couples and individuals alike for a wonderful dining experience.

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At Two Fat Indians, we assure you of a great time, whether you come for a casual dining or on a date. We are perfect for your tastes, style and culinary wishes. We also cater to events of any scale, whether weddings, parties, birthdays or corporate dos. You can trust us and our enriching ambience for your memorable dine-out with the loved ones. We invite you come at us and savor the amazing variety and tastes of Indian foods. We assure you will return with great memories for sure. Top foods, great variety and a perfect setting…we promise to deliver everything to you for sure!

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Frederico Bagrationi

Resto Seven Head Chef

7/569 Stirling Hwy, Cottesloe, WA 6011

Mon-Sun: 04.00 PM – 10:30 PM

Reservation Number:

+61 893842908